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The best 5-reel slots of 2016

Slot ScreenNameDeveloperThemeRating
Champions CupNetEntFootball4.5/5
Koi PrincessNetEntManga4.5/5

3-reel online slots or 5-reel online slots?

Since their beginning, slot games have been an entertainment-based method of gambling, rather than a serious or high-pressure game much like poker tends to be. The fun and entertainment of slot machines has been translated and carried over into their online counterpart also, with many online gamblers seeking out online slots first and foremost, making online slots their point of call no matter what online casino they are using.

Before you being searching for an online slots to play, ensure that you have registered with the online casino of your choice and try and find yourself some sign up or deposit bonuses before you begin to play, this means that when you do settle down to play your slot of choice you will already have some handy rewards with you; hopefully a number of free online slots spins (or an online slots no deposit bonus) that you can then use in correlation with your preferred slot game. You can also try out a bunch of popular slot games for free at www.casinonodepositbonus.win/free-slots/.

If you have never played a slots online game before then do not worry because they are setup very much in the same way as the real life slot machines are. Both real life and virtual slot machines use an image based reel setup, with the aim of the game being to match the symbols that appear on the reel in order to win prizes, or the jackpot.

There are different versions of slots online games out there, with each suiting different players; you have your 3-reel slots and you have your 5-reel slots. The first and main difference you will notice between the two different types of slots is the layout and design. 3-reel online slots UK are the classic version of slot machine gaming, whereas 5-reel online slots UK are considered the more evolved and modern variation.

3-reel online slots are a lot more rustic and basic in look and feel. The features are rather limited and the graphics are unrefined, the gameplay itself is also quite simple as it has a simple spin to win feel about it. 3-reel online slots tend to have smaller payline variations, yet they have a greater value when they do pay out. However, it’s this simplicity and sense of nostalgia that ensure players keep coming back to play time and time again. The simplicity of the design makes 3-reel slots easier to understand for first time players and for experienced players also. Although the betting options are limited it is a budget friendly slot game for any players who don’t have money to waste.

5-reel online slots add more in the way of entertainment due to their polished graphics and higher number of reels, which means that the number of paylines is also higher. It is also more likely with 5-reel online slots for players to be rewarded with various additional bonuses, such as free spins, wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds. This slightly more complex and diverse style of play, plus the contemporary feel to the games, is what draws players in, as they know that every game has something different to offer.

When deciding what is the best slots online game for you to play, it is probably best if you take all things into consideration, including your own experience with slot games. Saying that, if you want the true low-down on what’s out there, we recommend that you pay a visit to a casino portal, as that is where you will be able to see the latest online slots reviews.